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A lobster-mania celebration for the foodie in you…

Take a break. Enter a new state-of-being as you explore the 2017 Lobster Festivals of Belize happening in: Placencia Village. There’s an epic journey of flavors and seafood decadence that awaits you all foodies…

Get acquainted with our Belizean hospitality offer more than just an opportunity to indulge in both exquisite 5-star lobster dishes and street foods, but it also provides a warm welcome to visitors who are eager to experience our Belizean hospitality.

Lobster Festival Dates:

  • Placencia (June 23rd – 25th): This little fisherman’s village offers the best of both worlds, island life and village life with the cultural influences of the East Indian, Maya, Creole and Garifuna cultures which reflect in very diverse flavors to enjoy!

Join us in Placencia for a succulent celebration the foodie in you will enjoy!


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